Eight year old Aiden (pictured with all the books he purchased) and his mother, flew to Billings recently so that Aiden could fulfill his dream of helping others through his book charity. This was also Aiden’s first airplane ride.

When they got to Billings, they were welcomed by the director of Women’s and Children’s Nursing, the director of Pediatrics, nurses from the pediatric floor, two representatives from the St. Vincent Hospital Foundation, a marketing representative and two TV stations from Billings. KULR8 and KTVQ2 both covered the story on their evening news. They were touched by the level of charity from a young boy, especially during this Christmas season.

Aiden raised bottle calves (orphans) this summer and he and his parents talked about giving a portion of the money he raised to charity. Due to his love of reading he wanted to purchase books and donate them to a Children’s Hospital. Aiden said, “To help kids feel better and help them if they are struggling.”
After he sold the calves, Aiden was amazed at the amount of money he had earned. In his words he said, “And then I ended up getting a whole bunch of money.... and I mean I thought I might be a bit too young for all this money. So I thought I might give a bit of it away.”

He was able to buy 76 books and a CD player with his earnings to give to kids at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings. He ordered a range of books for kids of all ages. Many of the books had accompanying CDs. He wanted to make sure some had CDs “ in case they did not feel good enough to read”.

Aiden was able to give a book directly to a mom of an infant, who was very touched!!

He also designed stickers to go in each book. He wrote, “I hope you like this book and it helps you feel better. From a third grade boy in a small town in Montana. I hope this book blesses your day.”

Aiden is a third grade student, and lives on a farm/ranch in Montana with his parents. Out of all the books he donated, Aiden’s favorite is the Ramona Quimby series.

There has been an outpouring of positive feedback and wonderful responses to Aiden’s act of charity. This story has received more than 500 ‘likes’ on the St. Vincent Facebook page. Aiden’s mother said that everyone at St. Vincent’s were so wonderful! “They made this so special for Aiden, and it is our hope he will always be able to maintain a sense of giving and charity in his heart.”
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