You Can Be a Part of Kids Book Charity!

There are a number of ways kids and grownups can be a part of Kids Book Charity. Take a look at the options below and choose the best fit for you, or simply contact us for more information. We love to talk about Kids making a difference and engaging in charity!
We welcome kids (and adults) to donate new books, as few or as many books as they wish. Just package them up and send them to me, see details on Contact Page.

Please be sure to include your name and/or group name and address to ensure you are given a  Kids Book Charity Thank  You  Certificate and appear on our webpage (if you wish)

Anonymous donations are also accepted, thank you!
Purchase books online through places such as Amazon, and have them sent directly to Kids Book Charity.  This is an easy way to buy and send books. Please contact us when you have placed your order, so we know who sent the package, when the books arrive.  Be sure to include your name and/or organization’s name and address to ensure you are given a Kids Book Charity Thank  You  Certificate and appear on our webpage (if you wish)
Within Montana, If you or your group have collected a large number of books, contact us to arrange a pick up or discuss delivery options.
You can be a Kids Book Charity volunteer!  If you or your group choose to engage in a service project to gather books or if you would like to volunteer to pick up books , just contact us
Give a cash donation. Cash donations are used to purchase new books, purchase thank you certificates and help reduce the cost of shipping and delivery of the books to the kids hospital.

Simply click on the “Donate” button below. You can use credit/debit cards or Paypal to submit your donation. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation!

Anonymous donations are also accepted, Thank you!
Why Just New Books?

The Hospitals ask that we donate only new books so we are not spreading germs or other stuff to sick or hurt kids.
What Types of Books are Best to Donate? 

Kids’ books for children of all ages are accepted. From little kid board books to large chapter books are welcome.  Books with CDs are great as it can be nice for kids to be able to just listen.  Picture books, books with humor, or other uplifting storylines are always a nice fit. Books that can be read aloud are appreciated by families and friends of the kids in the hospital.
Where Can I Purchase Books?

Scholastic book orders are a nice way to purchase books at low cost. Your local book stores and online sites are great places to find lots of cool kids’ books.
Who can donate?

Anyone. Kids, families, classrooms, youth groups, clubs, groups, anyone who wants to help kids be involved in charity, service and bless the lives of other kids.
When You Donate...

When you donate we will send you a thank you certificate that you can display or show that you have contributed to Kids Book Charity.

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